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Funeral Diary - The Funeral
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About Funeral Diary

It's a new era for the funeral industry. Gone are the days of storing data on paper, where funeral directors had to worry about losing records and compliance was difficult. Funeral Diary, a new software program, stores your clients' data securely, and tracks any regulatory changes. So you know when to update your policies and procedures and can easily integrate with other programs, such as cremation equipment and flower shops.

About Client

Since there are more and more regulations that funeral homes must comply with, which is putting an additional burden on the business. Our client, an innovative individual, wanted to revolutionize this industry with the blockchain-assisted platform, web-based software that enables funeral directors to manage their clients and data and improve the operations of their businesses.

Key Features

Tracking Funerals and Memorials

Simple Payment Method

Save Time & Money

Tools for Data and Reporting

Get Rid of Paper Trails


Work From Anywhere


We had to understand the business difficulties to design this system, including how to account for the time that administration consumes, how they process information, and which options for displaying data will be most effective. To satisfy the need for dashboard adaptability, we thoroughly researched additional information regarding the funeral industry.
Understanding statistical analysis techniques were also critical for checking how many funerals take place and what needs to be completed instantly. Our team spent a lot of time selecting an optimal approach to provide data quickly. Additionally, we searched for the ideal format to incorporate client data from within the business. The data sources had to integrate properly to perform computations efficiently and accurately. Getting a consensus on the data format took a long time.
The last challenge was to integrate a convenient payment method. A method that enables them to generate payments to their clients and receive payments straight into their bank accounts.


We have successfully completed the project.
We provided our client with a system that allows flexible monitoring and displaying of secure data of their clients. The dashboard collects all the information from the client's details and tracks changes from the first call until the funeral. Send alerts to their staff to ensure they remain updated on what is happening on the dashboard.
We integrated highly specialized data analytics tools into the system to track and deliver relevant insights to clients, and tools that help track and provide business progress throughout the year, generate key reports, and integrate calendars so users can access them anywhere and change them as necessary.
Our team developed a special algorithm that synced data with banks and offered simple payment methods.

How does Funeral Diary Work?


Defining the scope of the project


The preparation of a list of models that will be used.


The UI concept for the product was prepared.


The process began with a discovery phase.


Defining the scope of the project

Services Provided

Product Prototype

UI/UX Design

Backend Development

Frontend Development


Project Management

Quality Assurance












Clients Location

  • London

Ekkel AI Team

  • 3 Engineers
  • 1 Designers
  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 QA Engineer


  • 3 months

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