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About is an AI copywriting tool that will help you improve your writing skills, enhance your creativity, and overcome writing challenges. With plenty of interesting features, this application is also easy to use.

So as a treat for our users who need an excellent resource to write effectively and creatively, here it is. The perfect tool for writing blogs, articles, product descriptions, email, social media marketing campaigns, reports and other documents, and much more. Enjoy what we've created!


Our client required a copywriting tool based on AI technology, an application based on GPT-3, and natural language processing (NLP) with specific features. Ekkel AI began hiring skilled and crucial developers and designers to complete the project and fulfill the client's needs after a few workshops with the client and a deep understanding of the client's requirements and criteria for the corresponding product. Work began after gathering a highly talented team of designers and developers, and the project got completed on schedule. The product, in particular, was exceptional and up to standards, according to the client.
Our client required us to create a copywriting tool based on AI technology that could perform functions that made it stand out from the crowd—and Ekkel AI made it a reality by leveraging the most powerful artificial intelligence and language technology available in today's market. The AI assists in maintaining a consistent writing style throughout projects; it enhances creativity; it generates unique content in seconds; it is free of plagiarism, and it helps with SEO.


We know how important it is to build a relationship with your audience. That's why we created Ekkel AI!
With the help of Ekkel AI, our client was able to actualize her concept and was enabled to connect with their target audience successfully throughout the world. One benefit of copywriting AI is the time savings that it offers. The copy only needs to be worked on to be improved. Given enough information, the AI can reliably produce content that matches your preferred aesthetic choices and voice tone. is also capable of producing SEO-enhancing text. Beyond just copywriting, offers additional services like SEO management.
You don't have to worry about our AI's accuracy because we're constantly refining it based on feedback from our clients. With Ekkel AI at your side, your product will always be up-to-date and relevant!

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There are currently over 10,000 active users. has 7,786 daily users each day and 31,146 page views. is worth 47,380 USD on the web.

Each visitor views around 4.28 pages on average.

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  • Toronto

Ekkel AI Team

  • 2 Web Developers
  • 2 AI Engineers
  • 1 Copywriter
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 QA Engineer


  • 11 months

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