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AVSociety - Discover & Collect
Amazing Digital Art & NFTs

AVSociety is a non-binary, inclusive platform where AVSociety believes in the power of art to break biases and barriers and to help people find their voice. With these NFTs, we aspire to create a space that is as diverse as the world itself. Their purpose is to collect artwork from all around the world and be a part of our revolutionary digital art revolution!

About AVSociety

The AVSociety NFT marketplace allows users to buy and sell NFTs. There are a variety of live streaming and recorded video options available to customers, as well as virtual events, gigs, and more.


People are becoming more & more likely to turn to NFTs because they want to buy only genuine products from their favorite brands; however, the authenticity & originality of the particular products are a source of concern.
Our client wants us to develop an NFT trading system that enables businesses to quickly provide customized NFTs with customizable tokens on their marketplaces or sell these tokens directly with our help to promote adoption into emerging markets like cryptocurrencies.

Create a fully working trading platform for NFTs.

Because it sells licensed NFT items, NFTs need to be updated.

We had to develop multimedia marketplace software.

NFT holders can connect wallets, buy and sell NFTs and request AVSociety to include their content.


Ekkel AI has established marketplaces for NFT assets that let companies and individuals create, sell, auction off, and buy NFT assets. To help in the execution of our clients' project ideas, our software design teams created software. We always followed the most recent trends as we developed our functionalities to achieve maximum compatibility.

Ekkel AI helped the client in creating an entirely new NFT marketplace and facilitated future customization of the platform for additional business verticals.

The solutions' functionality is comparable, but we also offer distinctive design and technological elements that our team has successfully executed.

To build a reliable and engaging platform, the Ekkel AI Team carefully reviewed every aspect of the solution throughout its product lifetime.

While browsing the top NFT collections, users may see the most well-known artists. Users cannot buy NFTs without first linking the cryptographic wallets they use for NFT transactions.

Key Features

Premium licensed NFTs

Look through the NFT list.

In the event of a timed auction, the fixed price or last bid

Basic data about the user

leading and popular NFTs

Buy and sell NFTs

The creators you enjoy

Amount of NFTs Liked NFTs collection, either owned or sold

Viewing creator information and description

NFT artwork, creator name, and NFT cost

NFTs collection of the creator

My revenue


We worked on a design for this project that will align with the current trends in the market.

What Do We Deliver?

The core of AVSociety is user interaction and a smooth experience. We successfully met this requirement by keeping the user at the focus of all activities done while interacting with the platform. We provide clients with an excellent experience when we understand their wants and ambitions. When making decisions, we constantly consider how users interact with the platform. This encourages user engagement and a seamless experience.

Services Provided

Product Prototype

UI/UX Design

Backend Development

Frontend Development

Project Management

AI Development

Quality Assurance

NFT Development













AWS Cloud





Clients Location

  • Germany

Ekkel AI Team

  • 6 Engineers
  • 2 Designers
  • 1 Product Manager
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 QA Engineer


  • 6 months

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