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AEGIS - Digital Vault Buy
& Sell Aegis Coins

What is Digital Vault?

Today's highly mobile population often faces challenges in places where access to important documents and sensitive data is unavailable. A digital vault can give these people peace of mind knowing that their important information is at their fingertips, wherever they are. A digital vault offers many advantages over physical storage methods, as it can be accessed on any device or operating system while providing a higher level of security than traditional storage methods. Aegis is one such digital vault.


AEGIS is a Blockchain-based vault that acts as a digital safe. Users can purchase and sell Aegis Coins using the AEGIS Digital Vault. The digital vault allows you to securely store and trade all of your encrypted data on our secure, decentralized Blockchain.

The client turned to Ekkel AI with the idea of creating a vault anyone can use for all of their data storing needs with high security, additionally, he wanted gasless transactions in the platform. That has to be incredibly user-friendly software with many functions for all purposes: buying cryptocurrency, getting NFTs using fiat currency, exchanging Aegis coins, and even holding NFTs - all in one vault.

The UI of this application is designed with lots of brainstorming about features' placement and color selections to meet the interest levels of today's modern user base, along with the right and effective technology stack for the development to bring this design inspiration to life.

Key Features

Highly Secure

User Friendly


Cost Effective


The project involved managing the present challenges and constraints of the extremely competitive marketplace. The customer approached us with a complex idea that began with developing a special app for securely storing and exchanging user-encrypted data. Despite the fact that the new designs for the social application were already in place, the customer still needed professionals to make the display app into a highly engaging program. Ekkel AI had tools for installing social features, verifying user vaults, combining several blockchain wallets, and interacting with other systems for data indexing. It was essential to integrate with the smart contract in order to make trading possible.


Workshops at the end of each cycle helped us organize and establish goals for advancement.
We were able to explore edge cases and come to an agreement on the necessary development expansions due to close client engagement. As a result of our comprehension of the business requirement, we were able to suggest suitable modules to be built.


After working together for some time, we produced a functional application that our client is currently providing to users so they may store their important data and purchase NFTs using the gasless approach. The users' platform evolved into a highly dynamic user platform that allowed users to show and trade all of their NFTs in one place without the need for a cryptocurrency. The elements that were crucial to this project's success are improved data storing techniques and security protocols, a strong team striving to achieve a single objective as a unit, and dedication to learning about the challenging technical issues

Services Provided





Project Management










AWS Cloud


Clients Location

  • United States

Ekkel AI Team

  • 3 Engineers
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 QA


  • 3 months

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